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Hypothesizing & Deciphering the Customer Needs

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Cook N Connect


Client Profile

CookNConnect is a social networking site that connects people who have a taste for cooking. It is a platform for budding chefs to display their culinary expertise and connect and sell their dishes over the network.

The Need

CookNConnect required us to design and develop social recipe network that connects people over the best recipes on the web.

What did we do?

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The role carried out is to design and develop an online store where the chefs can sell their delicious dishes over the network. The creators were impassioned by the tedious experience one has to go through to create and share a great dish that was associated with a memorable event in their lives.

Initially we created a login page where people can ‘Go to profile’ further they can add recipes, photos and also invite friends. Then we created ‘Go to kitchen’ page where we can add your daily dish and invite friends over to taste your masterpiece.

We provide a geo-location based to provide search results customized to user’s location. We developed based on geo-locator where you can search by location, where the seller posts will be sorted based on the nearest radius limit. We also integrated PHPfox plugin ip2location where the users can choose their location. The PHPfox framework is used to create modules for sharing recipes over the network.

The application provides settings option where the users would be able to change the password and timeline settings as follows:

  • Who can add recipes to their timeline
  • Who can see recipes on their timeline
  • Who can comment on it
  • Who can send friends request
  • Who can see future posts

The technologies used were PHP, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery, HTML

Features Developed

  • Custom bootstrap theme integration
  • Geo-location based search
  • Creating new modules on PHPfox
  • Integrating PHPfox plugin ip2location
  • Connect with friends
  • Newsfeed
  • Timeline
  • Store to sell the dishes
  • Cookbook to display all dishes & bookmarked dishes

Project Details

  • Project Status and Link: Ongoing (
  • Project Management Tool: Redmine (It is a free and open source, web-based project management and bug- tracking tool)
  • Process: Scrum (It is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development)
  • Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery, HTML
  • Framework: PHPFox, Bootstrap

1. Home page: Home page of the application

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3. Profile: Edit our profile picture

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5. CookBook: Add recipes and fixed price

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2. Newsfeed page: Newsfeed of the logged in user

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4. Friends: Display all our friends list

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6. Kitchen: Add daily dishes

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