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This is How We Work

The Effective Ways, We Engage Our Customers.

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Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement Models Designed to Deliver Value

At Empressem, we believe in meeting our client expectations the way they want it to be met. We believe in being adaptive to accommodate the unique and diverse needs of our client. Which is why we give our clients the benefit of choosing from two meticulously planned engagement models:

1. Fixed Price Model

Projects that have clearly defined scope, requirements and deliverables with fixed complete-by date benefit from a fixed price model. This has the advantage of a locked-in budget that does not change unless there is a change in scope of the project. Most projects are ideal candidates for this model.

How We Handle Fixed Price Projects

Once a client approaches us with the scope, we do an extensive analysis to iron out the technical aspects. Based on this, we will provide the client with a detailed estimation of the delivery schedule and the stage-wise cost for executing the project. An agreement will be drawn that clearly outlines the development milestones and their respective entry and exit criteria. Work on the project begins soon after the agreement is accepted by the client.

Benefits Of Choosing A Fixed Price Model

  • Since the fixed price model has a predetermined cost and completion time, the client bears minimal risks regarding budget and schedule overruns.
  • Client involvement is limited as the scope is well-defined.
  • Clear time-lines allow better planning for installation and roll-out.

2. Time and Material

We understand that sometimes a client with their own development team may desire complete ownership of the project execution, needing only limited assistance from us. This assistance may be in the form of a specific expertise, say in a niche technology, or a technical or business consultation. Clients may also choose this model when they need to reinforce their team with additional members for a short time, obviating the need for hiring permanent employees.

How We Approach The Time and Material

We make available our best resources to clients on an hourly billing basis. The working model can range from end to end project execution or selective assignment of responsibilities. The client maintains responsibility of task assignment and resource management.

Benefits Of Choosing A Time and Material

  • Very cost effective.
  • Clients can scale up and scale down the team size as per requirement.
  • Enables clients to meet temporary spike in resource requirement.
  • Enables clients to meet niche technology requirements without hiring or cross-training employees.

3. Offshore Development Centre

An Offshore development centre model includes developing, testing and deploying applications and software solutions at offshore. Here the team works on an outsourcing basis and is an extension of your organization. When you have a clearly defined task and unable to locate proper human resources this model can be used. Usually, such models managed with an efficient project leader.

How We Approach the Offshore Development Centre

We provide you a smart team with the direction of an efficient and experienced project leader. Our system helps you to keep up your business values and at the same time, you could manage it as a natural extension of your organization. It helps you achieve cost advantage through increased visibility and control.

Benefits of Choosing an Offshore Development Centre Model

  • Support and availability of a dedicated team
  • Security supports a dedicated team
  • Cost advantage
  • Shorter time frame
  • Available for short period

4. Managed Time and Material Model

In managed time and material model, along with time and material, the project supervision is handled by the software development company itself. The client has to pay the hourly supervision charges along with the labour and material charges. The only difference with the ‘time and material model’ is the inclusion of supervision charges.

How We Approach the Managed Time and Material Model

Our managed time and material model help the client to forget the complexities of creating software applications. Our system provides advanced and effective supervision and delivers the project in a very short span of time. Combined effect of effective supervision and collaboration of expert professionals, deliver the best web and mobility solutions to the clients.

Benefits of Choosing a Managed Time and Material Model

  • Low risk for the client.
  • Payment according to the task done.
  • Facility for budget negotiation.
  • Faster project completion.


Irrespective of which model you choose to work with us, we guarantee you service that is well-worth the money you spend on your projects. We understand and value the reasons our esteemed clients choose to outsource their work to us – lower operational costs, closing resource and skill gaps, better resource management, access to global expertise and more. We show our appreciation by being fully committed to our responsibilities.

We have a judicious estimation process that leaves no room for hidden surprises after the project is kicked off. Our project execution is transparent and takes client inputs into account at each step.

We have a talented resource pool with expertise in a broad range of technologies. To make the best use of this talent, we encourage our clients to come to us at the project initiation phase so that the project gains from our involvement from day one.

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