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Best Application Platforms to Build Website

Revolutionize your business with the right Application Platform

The way organizations across the world do business has changed drastically over the years. Today, business rides more on technology than on pure entrepreneurial spirit and market needs are driven by solid data insights than by intuition. An organization that does not adapt to technology gets left behind.

It is not merely enough to befriend technology, you need to make sure you have chosen best application platform to build website for your business. Your operations can gain immensely from using an application platform that aids and boosts productivity and improves your chance of grabbing your share of the market.

As a successful entrepreneur, you understand the value of expertise. Just as your expertise lies in running a business, ensuring its smooth operations and driving it on a path of growth, our expertise lies in harnessing technology to enable all of these. The right suite of technology in your arsenal can bring in high efficiency, greater productivity and deliver incomparable returns on your technology investments. Our vast technical expertise and exposure to a range of business sectors gives us an instinctive understanding of client needs and help us to channel the technologies that best meet their needs. The result is you get more value for your money and we get yet another happy client.

Technology can bring exciting prospects for your business. Choose the right technology partner and spur your business towards growth.

The Salesforce Customer Success Platform

Since its advent, Salesforce has been nothing short of revolutionary in the impact it has had on businesses worldwide. Its innovative, path-breaking CRM application has given businesses acute customer and market perspective, allowing them to get more ROI out of their campaigns, bump up sales and secure heretofore unachievable levels of customer satisfaction. Salesforce has also made available various other technology-enabling offerings that allow hassle-free development of many web and mobile applications.

1. Salesforce CRM

A powerful CRM platform brought to you at an affordable cost. It makes work easy and more organized for your customer service, marketing and sales staff. With its custom reporting features and data-driven insights, it brings organizations closer to their customers and enables them to fine-tune their marketing and sales strategy.

2. Salesforce App Cloud

A development platform for building, managing and optimizing apps using and Heroku. It is a PaaS offering that takes care of maintaining the software, hardware, APIs etc. so that you can focus on the app development alone.


Build powerful enterprise applications that bring in high operational efficiency at your workplace. From IT apps to HR apps and Finance apps, there is a lot you can accomplish using the platform.

4. Heroku

Build engaging customer-facing apps that are synced to the Salesforce employee app suite. It is highly scalable and provides a streamlined app development environment. You can easily develop web apps without the worry of data connectivity or infrastructure management.

Empressem – Your Trusted Salesforce Partner

From concept building to implementation and support, we offer a complete Salesforce based business solution to our clients. Choose from an inspiring talent pool of designers, architects, consultants, certified Salesforce developers, and testers for your Salesforce project. With our expertise in front-end languages like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, Java, RoR, PHP, and our in-depth knowledge of Salesforce APIs, Apex, Salesforce One, and VisualForce, you can rely on us to deliver a foolproof implementation.

1. Consulting Services

We help you realize your vision of the product. Salesforce is a versatile platform with immense capabilities. Our consultants will advise you on how you can make the best use of it while staying within your budget.

2. Implementation Services

From sales cloud to service cloud, Salesforce has what you need to win and retain customers. We can help you in set-up, configuration and customization of the sales and service clouds for optimal realization of business goals.

3. Customization

Every client need is unique. We enable you to meet your unique needs using Salesforce developer tools that allow extension of current features and incorporation of add-in features. We can customize your current Salesforce applications in ways that add more value to your business.

4. Integration Services

We can integrate your Salesforce applications with other in-house or third-party applications or with your critical databases and web services for better productivity and meaningful customer interactions.

5. Salesforce Development

We undertake development to deployment of Salesforce applications keeping in mind essential features like security and adherence to industry-specific regulations. We follow a lean development methodology that assures faster development, better utilization of resources, cost-effectiveness, and speedier time-to-market.

6. Communication tools

We can help you bring in greater collaboration among employees through a modern communication tool like Chatter. We can also help you achieve higher productivity and customer engagement through the Salesforce Communities.

7. Migration

We undertake data migration projects to move your existing data stored in databases, legacy applications, excel or any other source to Salesforce. If managing a large volume of data is becoming a challenge, then we can help you migrate it to Salesforce painlessly.

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SAP NetWeaver

The SAP NetWeaver is a comprehensive platform for custom development, integration, and management of SAP applications and integration of non-SAP applications. It primarily uses C, C++, and Java EE, but also supports Microsoft .NET and IBM Websphere. It hosts Business Process Platform offerings from SAP to enable a range of processes from operational management to administration. Its high compatibility across multiple platforms allows development of SAP as well as third-party applications.

With SAP NetWeaver, you can overcome the huge challenge of integrating data and functionality spread across multiple heterogeneous applications to bring them under a single umbrella for better management and streamlined operations.

The NetWeaver encompasses the below modules that add incredible value to any business in any industry at a low budget.

1. SAP Business Information (BI) Warehouse

This module provides data warehousing functionality for a company. It aids storage, management and retrieval of mission-critical data through its use of segregated layers comprising of staging layer, extraction layer, transformation layer and loading layer. It also aids customized data reports through its reporting and analysis layers.

2. SAP Enterprise Portal

This module maximizes productivity in an organization by tying together its various processes and collating scattered information in a single space. It enables a single view of multiple business processes so that disparate departments have quicker access to information for greater collaboration and enhanced productivity.

3. SAP Business Intelligence

This uses data-driven insight derived from data mining and analysis tools to allow managers to make strategic and informed decisions. It comes with many features like report generation, dashboards, predictive analytics tool, and more.

4. SAP XI Exchange Infrastructure

It is an application integration software that facilitates the exchange of information between internal applications and external third-party applications. It allows organizations to make use of value-adding tools in the market that can be easily integrated with their in-house applications using this module.

5. SAP Knowledge Warehouse

This module allows logical management of knowledge-based resources for easy storage and access.
Using this, you can store documents, training manuals, and other knowledge resources according to the structure you desire. You can create or modify documents of varying media using familiar tools, maintain configuration and version control, locate and download documents with ease.

6. SAP Master Data Management

This module allows creation, distribution and management of master data of an organization. It consolidates data from different sources and maintains data consistency across departments for improved collaboration and decision-making.

SAP NetWeaver Implementation With Empressem

Below are the services we provide with SAP NetWeaver:

  • Implementation
    We help clients in implementing solutions based on NetWeaver. This amazing technology can help you obtain high cost-cutting by reducing the cost of ownership on SAP solutions. And our expertise in the field makes SAP solutions available to you at an affordable cost and delivered through an accelerated development mode.
  • Data Migration
    We undertake data migration projects where we migrate a large amount of data from existing client databases to SAP. We extract, cleanse, transform and validate data and load them into the SAP environment without loss of data integrity.
  • Maintenance & Support
    We provide maintenance and support services including monitoring and performance tuning, backup and archiving, and prompt redressal of issues. We also perform infrastructure upgrades with minimal downtime.
  • Consultancy
    Our consultants will suggest essential architecture and design based on business requirements. We will provide a detailed architecture plan for the SAP NetWeaver landscape in order to iron out potential issues and ensure a smooth implementation.

Why should you implement SAP NetWeaver?

SAP NetWeaver is a truly versatile platform that can bring in benefits of high productivity, better management of resources and allow businesses to make use of cutting-edge tools without too much change to their infrastructure.

Better administration: The SAP NetWeaver ties together your existing software and hardware resources to bring in an improved architectural organization and make it easy for administrators to manage the infrastructure.

Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): SAP NetWeaver minimizes the extent of new infrastructure you need to put in place. Due to its high adaptability, it can work in tandem with existing resources, thus minimizing the need to alter current infrastructure.

Improved returns: Your administrators will spend less time in monitoring and management of IT infrastructure and with the benefit of low TCO, you get the assurance of high returns on your investment.


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