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Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Custom Augmented Reality Mobile Apps for Android/iOS

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps use versatile technology and we are making the best use of it. We build cost-effective, personalized Augmented Reality Mobile Apps for Android, iOS and a host of wearables, relying on cross-platform, open source repositories like Augmented Reality Toolkit and Augmented Reality enabling platforms like Vuforia. Our highly customizable, easy to integrate Point of Interest (POI) solutions using PanicAR are designed to provide value adding services to tech-savvy, discerning customers.

Whatever is your reason for using Augmented Reality Mobile apps, we have the technical solution for it. Our Augmented Reality Mobile Apps are innovative and intuitively designed so that you deliver a rich, calculated user experience to your customers every time.

Our Portfolio

Below are just a few things we have been doing with Augmented Reality Mobile Apps. Of course, the possibilities are endless. If you imagine it, we will realize it for you.

  • Augmented Reality Mobile apps effect – Introduce real-time effects on static images
  • 2-D/3-D representation – Simulate 2-D, 3-D models of your products
  • Animation – Create a memorable experience with 3-D animation videos that come to life
  • Gaming – Combine storytelling and compelling imagery to give your audience a thrilling gaming experience
  • Video Tutorials – Make way for interactive learning with captivating lessons
  • Modeling – Create 3D models for fascinating product demos and greater accuracy in manufacturing

Augmented Reality Mobile apps in a variety of sectors

  • Retail/e-commerce
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming Industry
  • Heavy Industries

Marker Based Augmented Reality Mobile Apps and Markerless Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Marker based Augmented Reality Mobile apps use a mobile phone camera and a visual marker embedded in the image. The camera or an image recognition device can be pointed at the marker to invoke the hidden graphic content. The Augmented Reality Mobile Apps, in this case, has to be configured to recognize the marker code to perform this function.

Markerless Augmented Reality Mobile apps, as the name suggests, does not use a marker code. Instead, it uses the GPS in a smartphone to track AR content and display it. It detects a real-world environment like a geographic location and superimposes virtual images in that environment.

Both Markers based and Markerless Augmented Reality has found equal use in apps built for smartphones and wearables.

Augmented Reality Mobile apps are developing in great strides with the frequent emergence of new and innovative ways of applying this amazing technology. The technical consulting team at Empressem will help you decide the right Augmented Reality technology based on your business requirement.

Give life to your pictures…captivate your audience with Augmented reality Mobile apps made possible with Empressem.

Virtual Reality Solutions

What is Virtual Reality?

The technology which makes the user feel as if the person is in a virtual environment is known as virtual reality (VR). To create the illusionary effect, the technology utilizes computer hardware and software. The three-dimensional 3D objects are presented with the support of audios and the perception of the person is modified according to the input.

Why choose VR Apps for business?

Virtual Reality Mobile Apps is being used in business in various forms. It includes:

  • Virtual tours
  • As a tool for employee training
  • To get 360° view of the products ( the complete view of the product using 3d objects)

Virtual Reality Mobile Apps can be used as a cost-effective method to bring efficiency in product or service development. Instead of spending time on the development of several versions, you can test the prototype with the help of VR simulations. Now, it is possible to view the complete product design in the initial stage itself, with the support of VR simulations whereas in earlier days developers have to wait until the completion of the project to get the form of the output. So Virtual Reality mobile apps provide you an opportunity to rectify the possible design issues even before actualizing the complete product. Virtual Reality mobile apps bring down the expenses of product development and along with that avoid the practical issues or dangers associated with real-time testing.

Why choose Empressem for Virtual Reality Mobile Apps solutions?

Empressem helps you to leverage Virtual Reality solutions to explore the commercial capabilities which are hidden in you. We deliver you stunning and real-time animation, visual effects, and design visualizations collaboratively to boost up your total business performance. Our Virtual Reality solutions include:

  • Easy test drive of products even during the initial stages.
  • The Virtual Reality visual support makes you innovative during your client interactions.
  • Make you stand alone in the market with extraordinary visual support.
  • Help you to provide instant feedback to customer and stakeholders.
  • Wise decisions on product development and implementations with the support of effective VR simulations.
  • The Virtual Reality Mobile Apps resource support provides you confident to meet the requirement of customers across the world and provides your brand a global outlook.


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