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Mobile Cloud Computing Services – High-Availability, Extremely scalable solutions on the Cloud

Since its inception, the cloud has revolutionized the IT world due to its high affordability and the immense possibilities it offers. It is a collaboration platform for storage and sharing of resources, a development platform for building modern web and mobile applications and a real-time implementation portal for hosting applications at a reduced cost to the owner. Cloud brings in huge financial savings due to the economy of scale by allowing organizations to store and process data at third-party data centers.

Our Mobile Cloud Computing Services deliver resources over the internet on a demand basis. It shares resources across multiple users which allow them to operate without purchasing their own resources. This is done through virtualization which is the splitting of a single resource, for example, an OS, into several virtual resources, each of which performs similarly to the parent resource.

Cloud Based Services at Empressem

Empressem is uniquely positioned in the world of cloud computing due to its experience in executing projects across premier cloud offerings like AWS, Azure, VMware, Google Cloud and more. We provide cloud consulting, development, migration and integration services. Public, private or hybrid, our team of consultants, architects, designers, and developers will help you reap the many advantages of cloud in a way that is best suited to your industry and your business requirement.

Consulting Services : Deployment in the cloud should take into account critical factors like security and integration with on-premise applications. Our consultants and architects will examine your current infrastructure and business needs and provide you with an implementation plan that ensures security and performance while reducing your necessity to replace existing infrastructure.

Cloud development : Our developers have exposure to a range of cloud hosting environments. So, whichever be your choice of a cloud environment, we will be able to develop and deploy applications at a reduced time and cost to our clients.

Migration and Integration Services : We assist clients in migrating their existing applications to the cloud and integrating on-premise applications with cloud applications. Such projects are carried out after an in-depth feasibility and cost-benefit analysis to ensure maximum value to our clients.

Mobile Cloud Computing Services Can do More On The Cloud

Cloud is made available through 3 flexible delivery models – Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Cloud can be private, public or hybrid in nature. The cloud environment in which services, software and infrastructure are hosted on a common network by the vendor and made available to all customers for use is called the Public Cloud. Public cloud is very affordable but comes with concerns over security and sharing of sensitive information.

When the same set of shared resources are made available over a private network, it is called a Private Cloud. This offers greater security and gives more operational control to the customer. Private cloud is costly compared to the public cloud as the customer needs to purchase or rent essential infrastructures like servers and networking assets.

Those who are attracted by the cost-effectiveness of public cloud but are concerned about security have a third option available to them – the Hybrid Cloud. This allows companies to use the public cloud for most of their operations and the private cloud for data-sensitive operations. A hybrid cloud gives the assurance of security along with minimizing the cost overhead that comes with using a private cloud.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

  • Reduced operational costs : With the cloud, you don’t bear the onus of arranging for infrastructure and software. The cloud vendor does that for you and you get to rent it on a need basis. This reduces the upfront capital investment and effort that companies would need to purchase and set-up essential infrastructure and software to build their IT environment. Also, with the pay-as-you-go model, organizations need to pay only for the processing power they use.
  • Reduced administrative costs : Since the cloud vendor owns the responsibility of maintaining the environment, addressing down-times, incorporating fixes and making upgrades, your system administrators are less burdened. This leaves them with more time to administer rest of the core infrastructure in your organization, leading to an improved and more stable IT environment.
  • Reduced time to market : With cloud computing, you get immediate access to a fully set-up IT environment so that your developers can immediately start their activities. With high reliability, there is minimal downtime and therefore negligible interruptions to development. You get faster development, no schedule delays, and an impressive time-to-market.
  • High Scalability : One of the most attractive features of the cloud is its high scalability that allows organizations to ramp up and down the number of users on a need basis. This is economical and leads to better resource management as there are no idle resources during periods of low demand.
  • High ROI : With the benefits of reduced capital cost, reduced administrative effort, optimized utilization of resources and a low time-to-market, organizations stand to gain a very high ROI on their cloud investment.

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