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“The future of mobile is the future of everything”

Can you afford to lag behind?

There was a time when mobile apps were considered more suited for gaming and entertainment than for anything serious. Not anymore. Today, from healthcare apps that save lives to banking apps that let you bank from any place and retail apps that let you purchase your favorite product from any part of the world, mobile apps have indeed come a long way. Today, a mobile app is not something ‘nice to have’ for a business. It is an absolute necessity.

We at Empressem consider ourselves privileged to have worked with clients from a diverse range of industries in creating apps that have truly redefined their business.


Health and wellness apps are fast rising in popularity among the health conscious, those with special health conditions and even among physicians. From preventive healthcare, online consultations, administering first-aid, finding a physician, hospital or pharmacy to apps that help physicians with diagnosis, prescriptions, practice guidelines and much more, mobile apps have pervaded into many unexpected areas of healthcare. Empressem is happy to be part of this noble cause in bringing healthcare to the fingertips of people.

Education and Training

Today’s Generation Z is one that is completely at home with technology, especially mobile-based. So, what is better than using the same technology for their education? Education and training apps are commonly used by institutes and companies to impart learning and skill-building among today’s youth using a medium that captures and holds their interest. Empressem has extensive experience creating educational apps that use interactive technology to deliver tutorials that are captivating and at the same time, informative.

Social Media

Mobile has overtaken desktop as the preferred medium of choice for accessing social media. We are in the age of connectivity and social media apps allow us to stay connected with friends, families and colleagues, meet people and share and receive updates. Social media has also become one of the most effective marketing channels for businesses worldwide. Keeping this in mind, our apps come in with social media plug-ins, of course, contingent to client consent. We want to make it easy for your customers to tell their friends how great it is to do business with you.

Tech Start-ups

Technology start-up companies are the hotbeds of innovation. They are the risk-takers who give shape to the future of technology. A well-designed app gives you access to a wide customer base and gives your fledgling business the community support it needs. It is a one-time investment that will reap rich rewards. We ensure a unique design that captures viewer attention and helps you deliver information on your products in an engaging manner.

Enterprise Solutions

Apps need not always be intended for customers. They are also a great way to make routine work easier for your employees and allow them to keep up with their work even when they are away. Enterprise apps for activities like filling time-sheet, status updates, performance appraisals, managing marketing and sales leads, managing important contacts are not only value-adding, they also lead to better work-life balance. Our consultants will work with you to identify which operations in your company can be turned into an awesome app.

Management consulting

Management consulting helps companies to achieve streamlined processes for higher operational efficiency. These help businesses to implement growth strategies, communicate timely and relevant information to employees and take advantage of market opportunities. We work closely with clients to understand their pain areas and suggest apps that can conveniently address them.

Irrespective of industry, the ultimate objective of any business is customer satisfaction. This is why usability ranks high among the things we keep in mind while building an app. We adhere to the highest UI/UX standards to guarantee an immersive and responsive experience that is sure to exceed customer/user expectation. The apps we build for our clients are marked by:

  • Visual appeal
  • Ease of use
  • High performance
  • High scalability
  • Tested for challenging load and usage conditions
  • Tested for different devices and screen configurations
  • Adherence to international quality guidelines
  • Adherence to security and industry-specific privacy regulations

With an app, your business is always within reach of your loyal customers, literally. No matter where they are, they have the freedom to interact with your business which leads to high user engagement, higher conversion rates and ultimately, higher profits. Which business wouldn’t want all of these?


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