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IoT Solutions

Why you need an IoT Solution?

Internet of Things, the powerful and remarkable next generation technology, helps business to create value across the wide spread spectrum of products. IoT leverage technology into each and every facet of your organization by helping to deploy smarter solutions. The emerging technology enables your organization to move forward by getting products to the marketplace in a faster manner, adapting to regulatory requirements, increasing efficiency, and most importantly, persisting to innovate.

Internet of things makes your organization manage the highly movable workforce, the evolving customer and ultimately the varying supply change demands. It amends everything which includes personal lives, productivity at the workplace and the consumption pattern. The easy installation facility and adaptability to every changing situation make IoT permeate almost every sphere and industry.

The IoT market is showing a tremendous growth and is expected to be 1.7 trillion by 2020. Studies also report that by 2020, IoT devices are expected to count more than traditional devices including smartphones, tablets and smart watches etc). Every day new innovative solutions coupled with IoT reaching the users. It includes smart home which makes users control devices using their voices, wearable which facilitate text messaging, phone calls, and more, Technology integrated smart cities, smart cars, and Beacons which facilitate advanced shopping experience in shopping malls and retail outlets.

Why Choose Empressem for IoT?

We at Empressem, Along with technical instructions, provide you insights to make innovative solutions with the technology. We follow this practice in all the technology which we are dealing with, and because of the policy, our clients are always ahead of time and technology.

Internet of Things is a highly flexible platform and it can be used as single as well as supporting technology. Our experienced and innovative research team provides you insights on the possible applications of IoT. Empressem, after understanding your requirements guides you to integrate an IoT solution into the product. When we found that your idea doesn’t require IoT integration, surely you will be intimated because of Empressem value relationship than business.

Major Application areas of IoT

It embraces almost all industries but still some of the sectors where the major contribution of the emerging technology happening is mentioned here:


Internet of Things creates impacts on financial sector by leveraging technology to maintain prompt communication with customers through intelligence devices. The institutions such as banks benefitting out of IoT through better audience engagement, productivity enhancement, and improved customer experience.


The healthcare industry is benefitting out IoT by providing a better experience for patients. The institutions upgrading the infrastructure and the seamless connection between IoT devices provide healthcare providers ample opportunities to monitor the clients and to give them better care.


The retail sector is one of the industries where IoT imparted many of its possibilities. It has changed the way of purchasing with the use of easily deployable sensors. Now customer gets information regarding new offers, product specification, and new arrivals etc even before checking into the outlet. Users are able to interact with products without a salesman, and it eliminates the unnecessary use of resources and helps to produce accurate information to the customer.


Like other technologies, Internet of things moulds automobile by providing seamless opportunities of connectivity. The futuristic automobiles are already on the move and Driverless cars and intelligent Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) are yet to full-fledged with the support of IOT technology.


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