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Location Based Services for Entrepreneurial Excellence

The fine blend of location information with services and business processes helps the organization in achieving more productivity in their operations. The location based system has become a crucial part of every business irrespective of the size and category of the industry. In Location Based services, Based on the time specificity, device location, and user behavior, the location information is distributed.

How a Location Based Services Help your Enterprise to Reach Success?

Location Based technology provides support to business through push, pull and tracking services. The pull services are initiated from the customers who perform actions such as searching for a product or booking a product. When the service provider responds to the query it becomes a push service.  For example, the services provider gives the quote for the product including the cost and specifications as a response to a customer query. The tracking services are integrated into push and pull services. Identifying the customer location, distribution of the product all are part of tracking services. It includes the supply chain and logistics activities.


So using the three-tier services, you can easily integrate consumer, employees, and managerial activities in your organization which gives rise to the following benefits:

  • Location based activities facilitate effective real-time Companies can distribute information such as latest offers, in-store saving, special offers, etc.
  • It makes the management to get connected with the staff on a 24/7 basis. Since the location-based systems are accessible through various personal devices such as smartphones, Tablets etc, employees are always set for serving the company.
  • LBS supports user generated content which is now crucial in building a good brand image. It includes reviews and feedbacks which are visible to the public. So it is beneficial than any other direct marketing techniques.
  • Location Based Services includes maps which provide the exact location of your business. Anyone who searches on the internet can easily locate your company location. Making your physical location clear to customers, employees and other stakeholders help you to serve them all in an effective manner.
  • Identifying your customers with the support of reliable location information helps you to formulate better marketing strategies.


LBS can’t be considered as an “option”, Location Based technologies have become a necessity for business where the customer wishes for superior service. Through the support of LBS, employee operations become more productive and management can take wise decisions with the support of reliable geographic and location-based information. It is sure the future business operations will be purely driven by location based services.


Why choose Empressem for Virtual Reality Mobile Apps solutions?

Empressem helps you to leverage Virtual Reality solutions to explore the commercial capabilities which are hidden in you. We deliver you stunning and real-time animation, visual effects, and design visualizations collaboratively to boost up your total business performance. Our Virtual Reality solutions include:

  • Easy test drive of products even during the initial stages.
  • The Virtual Reality visual support makes you innovative during your client interactions.
  • Make you stand alone in the market with extraordinary visual support.
  • Help you to provide instant feedback to customer and stakeholders.
  • Wise decisions on product development and implementations with the support of effective VR simulations.
  • The Virtual Reality Mobile Apps resource support provides you confident to meet the requirement of customers across the world and provides your brand a global outlook.


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