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Empressem – End to End Web App Development


Web app development today needs to be rich in functionality, it should ensure an awesome user experience, it has to be visually compelling, it should deliver optimal performance and what’s more, it has to be responsive allowing the user to access content from any device with minimum resizing, panning or scrolling.

With the rapid proliferation of digital devices, your website has to provide a uniform experience across devices of different screen sizes and configurations. At Empressem, our web application development services strive to be in tune with the latest developments in web technology so that we can deliver modern, cutting-edge websites to our clients. From multi-tier architecture to service-oriented architecture and the more recent microservice architecture, we have the right technical solution that fits your requirement and budget.

If expertise is what you seek, then it is only befitting that you come to the experts. Our strong team of experienced web application developers has what it takes to create immersive HTML5/Java Script applications that work equally great on a range of devices, giving your business the maximum exposure. We undertake new web application development builds on popular platforms like PHP, Java, ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript as well as undertake modernization of existing websites. So, regardless of whether you are just starting a business or you are a veteran with an already functioning website, you have come to the right place.


End to end Website Design and App Development

  • Web optimization for better performance
  • Modernization of existing web applications
  • Cross-platform/legacy integration, ERP, CRM, CMS, e-commerce, payment gateway integration
  • Experience in constructing range of websites from microsites to large distributed systems
  • Extra focus on 24/7 availability, scalability, robustness and transaction throughput
  • Accelerated implementation through use of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools
  • Special focus on web application security & IP protection
  • Adherence to accepted coding standards and best practices
  • Web app development to ensure cross-browser compatibility

Mobile Friendly Web App Development

According to a research, most people search for information on the internet on their smartphones rather than on a desktop. Mobile friendly web apps can help you reach new customers and expand your customer base. This entails reorganizing the layout of your web pages to fit into mobile screens. Alternatively, using a responsive web layout automatically allows your web pages to adapt to various screen sizes. This ensures a satisfying user experience irrespective whether a visitor uses a desktop, mobile phone or tablet to access your site.

Our web app development company USA service arm pays special attention to ensuring that your website looks and works awesome on every device and every screen size. We will ensure visitors can interact with your site on a mobile phone as well as they do on a desktop and perform actions like viewing menu displays and call to actions, searching for information on the site, filling up forms and so forth with ease.

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