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Discover The Magic Of Dynamic Websites With AngularJS

AngularJS is an HTML framework that makes it possible to create dynamic web pages. It is popular for its data binding and dependency injection features that allow quick data access and passing of control between objects. These powerful features cut a lot of code that would otherwise be required to achieve the same operations, thus greatly reducing development time. A few other features of AngularJS that allow creation of dynamic websites are

  • DOM (Document Object Model) control structures for displaying and hiding elements
  • Form Validation
  • DOM event handling
  • Fast CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations
  • Basic template creation and handling
  • Deep-linking of web pages
  • Routing of application views for better management

Benefits of using AngularJS

AngularJS is a great fit for most websites that have frequent CRUD operations. Developers can make use of readily available services for common functions, thus allowing faster development and also, elimination of code redundancy to a large extent. It has provision to group HTML code into reusable components which encourage code re-usability. A structured organization consisting of a multitude of services and sub-controllers allows parallel development where developers can work independently with minimum inter-dependency. For large projects, all these features make a big difference to the turnaround time.

DOM handling in AngularJS is highly streamlined making way for code that is smaller, cleaner, less error prone, and easier to maintain. Data binding is highly efficient as it occurs at specified intervals of the code instead of at every instant of value change, leading to an exceptionally high performance of the website.

Single Page Applications using AngularJS

Single page applications (SPA), as the name suggests, contain elements that fit into a single page. All code pertaining to the page is retrieved during the page load and navigation can be done without refreshing the page or moving out of it. Most of the actions are completed on the client side itself without going to the server. This makes the website fast and allows users to work offline once the page is loaded. Overall, SPAs deliver a better, more responsive user experience compared to normal websites.

With AngularJS being a client-side framework, you can load and cache all parts of the page at one go which is great when you are making changes to the site. It is a flexible and versatile technology with great data binding and templating features that allow faster operations. A single page website built with AngularJS is a great idea for established businesses and start-ups alike.

AngularJS development at Empressem

Every day, we at Empressem, renew our commitment to learning something new, to be technically more adept today than we were yesterday and apply our knowledge to each project we undertake. It is this passion for technology that equips us to effectively meet and even, surpass client requirements and aspirations.

We cater to building new, powerful web applications and modifying existing sites for better usability and performance. Our designs have intuitively placed UI elements to achieve maximum user engagement. The sites we build are responsive to automatically fit desktop and mobile devices. Our agile development road-map combined with the high-efficiency features of AngularJS allow us to build powerful, engaging websites in a short time. This gives our clients reduced development costs and a small time to market which results in high ROI.

Our repertoire of work includes

  • Dynamic Websites
  • Web Applications
  • Web Software
  • API Integrations
  • RESTful Apps
  • Data Intensive Applications

If you want a dashing website or wish to take your current website up a notch, talk to us today.


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