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To Produce Dynamic Web Pages

Open-Source Server-Side Web Application Framework From Microsoft.
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Progressive Websites and Web Applications With ASP.Net

ASP.NET is an open-source web application framework developed by Microsoft and used to build dynamic web pages, web applications, and web services. It is a flexible framework that uses Web Forms as basic units of development which, in turn, consist of a web application format and a website format. Powerful web controls and user controls can be built using these formats. Microsoft’s recommended ‘code-behind’ model places the code in a special file or uniquely identified script tags. This allows uncoupled programming of each event so that developers can work on modules simultaneously, leading to a shortened development cycle. It also separates presentation of the application from the content for better management of the application.

Development in ASP.NET is fast due to the availability of a sizable collection of controls and class libraries. Object oriented programming leads to better code reuse and high code maintainability. ASP.NET applications are marked by high stability and effective run-time error handling. Partial and full page caching improve performance by reducing the number of calls to the server.

ASP.NET Development at Empressem

We have extensive experience designing, building and implementing numerous ASP.NET projects across industries. We have developed projects ranging from the simple to very complex. Our developers excel in creating awesome web pages, web applications and web services for clients.

Apart from web-based projects, we also undertake ASP.NET based enterprise application development, custom software development, MVC3/MVC4 framework development, migration projects and more. Here is a quick look:

Web application development: Create large scale web applications that are cross-browser compatible for maximum reach. Powerful user interfaces and data services give your applications a rich look and feel. Incorporating reusable elements helps cut down development time and cost.

Dynamic Websites: Give your business a captivating website with an engaging layout that is easy to navigate. We make good use of the web-friendly features of ASP.NET to create websites that are high on performance and scalability.

Mobile App Development: Create native mobile apps with attractive custom controls that are compatible with a variety of devices. APS.NET’s adaptive architecture ensures mobile browsers work as good as desktop browsers giving users a uniform experience across both platforms.

Enterprise ASP.NET development: Get enterprise applications built on ASP.Net that add high value to your business by bringing in operational efficiency. Our team of consultants will work with you to understand your pain areas and advise you on which of your mission-critical operations can benefit from an enterprise grade application.

ASP.NET software development: Create error-free, high-performance software for your business using ASP.NET MVC framework. From developing business requirements to coding and testing, we take care of the entire software development life cycle. We also undertake enhancement of existing applications or optimizing them for better performance.

ASP.NET migration services: Migrate ASP, ColdFusion, and other legacy systems to ASP.NET for more ROI on your vital applications. Re-engineer applications to remove redundant features and modernize them.

Why Choose Empressem?

Empressem is unique in its team of motivated individuals who bring a varied stack of expertise into our projects. Our exposure to various industries combined with our technical and domain knowledge helps us to anticipate and meet the expectations of our clients. We have a strong team of developers, including a good number of Microsoft Certified Professionals, who work hard to turn your business requirements into a fully-functional software.

Our superior technical designs are the hallmarks of our projects and are specifically targeted at achieving high performance, reliability, and scalability. Our development cycle is transparent where we work closely with our clients to ensure that our end-product is in line with client expectations.

We provide 24/7 technical support and maintenance including application monitoring and upgrades.

There is a lot more we could say about our capabilities but we would rather let our work speak for itself. Contact us for a free consultation.


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