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Java/J2EE Website And Software Development

Get a feel of Java/J2EE programming at its best at Empressem. Get robust and scalable websites, mobile applications, enterprise software and more, built on Java/J2EE. We harness the versatility of these two incredible technologies to build a variety of applications that cut operational costs, bring in efficiency and yield high returns. We rely on our handbook of best practices and diligently follow proven development methodologies to cut project time and cost.

Our Portfolio

Here is a list of what we have been doing in Java/J2EE:

Web Development: Rich, responsive, scalable websites using HTML5, CSS3, JSP, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, that are easy to connect from any device. Build interoperable SOAP-based web services or multi-tier applications with dynamic HTML generation, meeting the highest standards of privacy and security.

Mobile Applications: Cutting-edge customer-facing and in-house mobile applications. Mobile apps built using Java are secure, robust and compatible on many platforms, allowing easy maintenance and enhancement on the base module. Due to the high code re-usability, it guarantees cost-effective development and a short time to market.

Integrating web services using SOAP, REST APIs: Web services are behind the scene applications that provide a programmatic logic or informative service to a front-end client. Integrate essential web services for a multi-functional, well-rounded website or make available critical legacy data to front-end applications.

Java/J2EE software Development: Build high-quality programs to support your business operations. Our team of expert Java developers will translate your business requirements into software, following the lean development and testing methodologies for assured performance and quality.

Enterprise Java Development: using Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Struts, EJB, Servlet: Bring in high operational efficiency through applications tailored for your business. Enterprise software can bring better results when deployed in critical areas like internal business process management, content management, CRM systems and the like.

Java Application Development: Proprietary software using Java that is reliable and easy to maintain. Give an extra edge to marketing and sales, finance, logistics, inventory management and other vital areas of your business through futuristic software that brings in higher efficiency and accuracy.

Java Migration Services: Don’t let antiquated applications slow down your business. Migrate older, resource-intensive applications to modern Java applications that deliver better speed, reliability, cross-platform compatibility, and performance. Convert your legacy applications to Java or re-engineer existing applicatio

ns to get rid of issues like high maintenance and excessive operational costs.

Maintenance & Support: Take advantage of 24/7 maintenance and support to keep your applications up and running round the clock. Our dedicated maintenance team monitors applications and performs preventive and corrective maintenance so that your critical applications continue to deliver value to your business.

The Empressem Difference

No project is too small or too big for us. Our experienced Java developers can handle requests of any size and any type – end to end Java development, building an in-house application, handling a migration or providing maintenance and support services.

We take great pride in our Java certified professionals who are involved in every step of the project development. Our skilled Java developers have the expertise and industry exposure to understand your requirement and give shape to it in a way that best meets your interests. With our strong team of business consultants, technical consultants, Java certified team leaders and skilled Java developers, we bring a unique combination of domain, functional, and technical knowledge that is hard to find in the industry.

If you have a Java/J2EE project ready to take flight, talk to us today to know how we can help you.


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