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What is MEAN STACK Development?

The collection of javascript based technologies which are used to develop web applications is referred to as Mean Stack development. The term ‘MEAN’ itself derived out the names of commonly used java technologies. So the Acronym MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, and Node.JS.


MongoDB is the largest leading NoSQL database in the world. The document type database stores data into a binary JSON (JSON like a formatted binary file). The advantage of MongoDB is that it is easy to use.


The lightweight and minimalist framework which is built for ‘Node. JS’ is known as Express. The application which comes with a myriad of HTTP facilities is developed, for the purpose creating web applications and APIs.

Angular JS:

Angular JS provides multiple services for developers. It makes the API consuming simple at the same time act as a code base for mobile application development. So using Angular JS helps you to get the benefits of both mobile and web platforms.


It is considered as the foundation for Express and is capable of event – driven I/O and blocking. Node JS handles multiple requests on a single service without blocking each other.


When it comes to application development, the role played by developers, irrespective of the framework which they are using, is important. When they get enough support from the resources, the application becomes fruitful. Mean Stack provides the necessary support which a developer requires throughout the development process.

Mean Stack Development helps the java developers to complete their works without wasting much efforts or time. The Acronym ‘MEAN’ is popular for the synergy effect, created by its components which include MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, and Node.JS. The easiness in prototyping is the major benefit of MEAN Stack. Then how do the components help the developers? Node.JS avoids the necessity to learn a new language, in order to use in the frontend and backend of the application. The same javascript can be used, both in frontend and backend. Mongo DB allows the user to manipulate the data layer without the difficulties of migration. The feature becomes useful while you are developing a product without apparent specifications. It is easy to get the answers for questions with the components of MEAN, as the technologies account for much community support. Along with this, the other benefits provides by MEAN STACK include:

  • It is one of the favorite java technologies of the developers because MEAN STACK technologies help them to write the entire code in javascript for both the client and server parts. So it is a boon to java developers who have invested much of their time in java technologies.
  • Supports MVC architecture.
  • STACK gets updated regularly, as it is an open source and provides java developers a flexible and easy to use the framework.

Why Choose Empressem for Mean Stack Development?

Empressem is a pioneer in providing the Mean Stack development which caters to the need of applications including eCommerce portals, games, Social networking platforms, fast and scalable API etc. The benefits of Empressem MEAN STACK Development services include:

  • Our Minimum viable product delivery scheme helps the clients to get the complete project in a very short period of time. So it makes you launch your product before the similar product gets domination over the market.
  • Our developers provide you applications with cross-platform compatibility code structure and are easy to install and execute to any enterprise model.
  • We provide applications which are inexpensive to test, and can deploy using Pay as You Grow basis.
  • The Extremely scalable applications help you complete all your tasks in a fast manner. The universality of the code structure makes the application suitable for business requirement irrespective industry and location
  • Our applications show high performance for HTTP and TCP which smoothers your online operations.
  • Cross application compatibility of the application facilitates smooth integration with technologies such as cloud and Internet of Things.
  • Being associated with Empressem not only meets your current business requirements but also help in your future operations by facilitating modification of information with respect to feature enhancements.


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