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Real-Time High-Performance Applications Powered By Node.js

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform run-time environment commonly used for building server applications. It runs on Google’s V8 Javascript engine. It is an event-driven programming that allows rapid, asynchronous I/O operations on the web server leading to high scalability and performance.

The benefit of using the V8 engine is that it swiftly compiles the JavaScript code into machine language so that it can be immediately processed by the server. Also, its usage of WebSockets allows faster, two-way communication between client and server applications. Since it is based on JavaScript which, by itself, is very popular in the development world, it has found ready acceptance among web developers.

Node.js applications are robust with minimal downtime. It has a high load-bearing capacity which makes it suitable for busy applications. So, if you have been planning a web application that does a lot of reading and writing, searching for information or updating file systems, then this technology is apt for you.

What Do We Build Using Node.js?

Empressem has executed a wide range of futuristic Node.js projects, prominent among which are:

  • Large-scale, multi-user applications
  • Business websites that see extensive data processing during the day
  • Mobile apps using JavaScript API
  • Event-driven applications
  • Networking applications
  • Real-time data streaming applications requiring high volume of I/O calls
  • Communication tools and apps
  • Inexpensive App prototypes to test ideas before full-fledged development
  • Gaming applications

Benefits Of Using Node.js

The following attributes of Node.js make it a great choice for web development projects:

  • Allows developers to create customized frameworks. Being open-source, this feature has led to the development of many utility tools and frameworks.
  • Highly versatile and compatible with multiple platforms.
  • ‘Pay as you go’ cuts wastage and reduces development costs.
  • Allocation of only a small heap for each connection allows it to bear high traffic without compromising on performance. Other server side solutions create bigger heaps of data for each connection, causing performance to slow down.
  • A short parsing time gives high I/O throughput.
  • It’s Node Package comes with thousands of modules containing ready to use the code for faster development.
  • Micro-service structure allows staggered development of features and better management of resources. Testing is less complicated and yields better results.
  • Shortest average development time among similar products available today.


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