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Explore the possibilities of Rest and Soap Web Service Architectures

The collection of open protocols and standards used for communication between two applications or electronic devices over the World Wide Web (WWW) is known as a web service. Rest and Soap Web Service Architectures are exceptionally popular among programmers.

Representational State Transfer (REST)

REST is an architectural style which aims for reliability, fast performance, scalability, and modifiability. Developers follow the practice of reusable components which can be used. The developers use reusable components which help them to achieve the results offered by the REST without affecting the working of the system.

In 2000, Roy Thomas in his Ph.D. desertion “Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures” introduced and defined the concept of REST. Now REST has become one of the most important web application services. The evolving API orientation is expected to create a more favourable situation for REST and its importance is likely to grow further. It is vital for the developers to have a sound knowledge of REST web services as every major development language now includes a REST framework.

Characteristics of REST

  • REST, the completely stateless can be tested by restarting the server or checking whether the interactions are able to survive or not.
  • For most servers, REST provides the caching infrastructure over the HTTP GET method and it helps to improve the service provided the data which the web service returns is not altered or dynamic in nature.
  • In the case of restricted profile devices such as mobile or PDAs, REST becomes useful as the overhead of SOAP and other additional parameters like headers are less beneficial.
  • There is no standard set of rules to describe the REST, so it demands the service consumer and service producer to have a common understanding of the content as well the content being passed.
  • REST can use any protocol like HTTP and the web protocol SOAP.
  • The implementation of REST is simple compared to SOAP.

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

The messaging protocol that allows programs which run on disparate operating systems such as Linux and Windows to communicate HTTP and its Extensible Markup Language (XML) is known as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

The built-in error handling is one of the important features of SOAP. In this mechanism, if the request contains some errors or problems then you are provided with the response with error information. This provides the user an ample opportunity to identify the prevailing issues and get out of the deadlocks.

Characteristics of SOAP

SOAP includes common set of rules and to define bindings, operations, messages, and location of the web services

  • It requires more bandwidth and resource than the architectural style called REST.
  • The protocol which is simple and written in XML is an extension of HTTP.
  • SOAP facilitates the broadcasting of a message from one computer to other networked computers.
  • JAX-WS, the web services of SOAP can be used for handling asynchronous processing and invocation
  • SOAP supports a lot of protocols which includes XSDs, WS – Addressing and WDSL.
  • Using SOAP, it is feasible to implement the client-server architecture. Using the SOAP protocol message, the client can invoke remote procedure call located on the server side

Rest and Soap Web Service Architectures Development At Empressem

In Empressem, we are always ahead of technology. Each day new innovations are going on Empressem R & D wing. WE are one of the pioneer players in REST and SOAP development.

  • Empressem provides you platform and language independent application which opens you access to multiple platforms with simple applications.
  • Empressem provides applications in SOAP web services which work well in distributed enterprise environments
  • Standardised applications to users.
  • In the case of SOAP web services, Empressem provides significant pre-build extensibility in the form WS* standards.
  • Built-in error handling
  • Allow users to adopt automation in certain products.
  • Empressem facilitates Interaction with web services without the requirement of expensive tools
  • Provides users efficient platform.
  • Faster processing


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